Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys

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Trace of Time -1993

Rounder Records

1. Bayou noir/Back of Town
2. Mon vieux wagon
3. Old Home Waltz
4. Church Point Breakdown
5. Parlez-nous a boire
6. Lovers’ Waltz
7. Sur le Courtableau
8. La valse de regret
9. La point au Pic
10. The Corner Post
11. Z’haricot est pas sale

Steve Riley – accordions, lead vocals, fiddle, guitar
David Greely – fiddle, second fiddle, lead vocal, harmony vocal
Peter Schwarz – bass, fiddle lead, piano, harmony vocal
Kevin Barzas – guitar
Kevin Dugas – drums
Christine Balfa – triangle
Sonny Landreth – electric guitar

Produced by: Al Tharp


Steve Riley continues to explore the Cajun heritage of songs with ì passion and skill, electrifying crowds at concerts and festivals ì in Canada, Europe, and the rest of America, while continuing to ì satisfy the most demanding audiences of all in the dance halls in ì South Louisiana. This release features songs of celebration and ì lamentation evoking the spirit of Dewey Balfa.


“Underlying the energy level the group brings to Trace of Time is a youthful passion and intensity, proving these Cajuns have a lot more to teach us before they retire from the stage.”

“With Trace of Time the Mamou Playboys stakes its rightful claim to the title of preeminent Cajun traditional band extant.”
–Dirty Linen