Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys

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Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys – 1990

Rounder Records

1. La Point aux Pins
2. Eunice Waltz
3. Ton papa et ta maman m’ont jete dehors
4. Chers petits yeux bleus
5. Mamou hot step
6. Indian sur le chicot
7. Blues de Port Arthur
8. Valse de la belle
9. High Point Two Step
10. La Valse des vachers
11. Grand bois
12. Blues de Port Arthur (part 2)

Steve Riley – Acadian accordion, fiddle, vocals
David Greely – fiddle, vocals
Kevin Barzas – acoustic guitar
Mike “Chop” Chapman – drums
Tina Pillion – acoustic bass
Christine Balfa – triangle
Zachary Richard – background vocals
Produced by: Zachary Richard


A few years ago, the Mamou Playboys (actually the third-generation Mamou Playboys–guitarist Kevin Barzas’ grandfather was a founding member of the original Mamou Playboys) stormed onto the Cajun music scene with a rousing appearance at the annual Festival de la Musique Acadienne in Lafayette, Louisiana. Accordionist and bandleader Steve Riley pushes the limits of his instrument, and yet, for all the youthful exuberance of the band, the sources of their music are purely traditional, lighting the torch for a new generation of Cajun music played true and clear.


” . . . a sparkling album of traditional Cajun zydeco in its purest, freshest and most unfettered form.”