Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys

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Friday At Last – 1997

Swallow Records

Friday at Last Lyrics and translations

1. Mamou Playboys Special
2. Adieu Rosa
3. Le souhait du veuve
4. Wayne Perry Blues
5. La danse de limonade
6. Le père de la nouvelle mariée
7. Enterre moi pas
8. La valse du bombacheur
9. Traveler Playboys Special
10. Blues du tac-tac
11. C’est tout fini
12. Lawrence Walker Medley
13. Allons Danser
14. Comment je vas faire
15. Bee de la manche
16. La valse que j’aime
17. Vendredi enfin


Friday at Last is the album that the Mamou Playboys needed to make because they knew that they were on the edge of a great adventure. This is when they were home on furlough before a new tour of duty. Here they stay comfortably within the familiar boundaries of Cajun dancehall music. With pedal steel master Randall Foreman on several of the cuts and Steve performing three songs solo, they nail 17 great two-steps and waltzes to the wall as a reminder that they will always be able to find their way home.