Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys

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Bayou Ruler – 1998

Rounder Records

1. Bayou Ruler
2. Laisse-moi connaître
3. My True Love (Voyage d’amour)
4. Tough Get Going
5. King Zydeco
6. La rosée
7. All for the Better
8. J’ai été-z-au bal
9. Chez personne
10. Clin d’oeil (The Wink)
11. Je suis pas un couillon
12. Mama Told Papa
13. Let Me Know

Steve Riley – accordions, fiddle, vocals
David Greely – fiddle, saxophone, piano, vocals
Peter Schwarz – bass, vocals / Kevin Dugas, drums, triangle
Jimmy Domengeaux – guitars
C.C. Adcock – additional guitars
Randall Foreman – pedal steel guitar
Paul “L’il Buck” Senegal – guitar
Joseph “Zydeco Joe” Mouton – rubboard
Eddie Cheneddie Baytos – piano
Four Kings & an Ace: Tarka, Jimmie Wood, King Cotton, Tony Latiolais, L’il Buck

Produced by C.C. Adcock & Tarka Cordell

Part Cajun, zydeco and swamp pop, South Louisiana’s leading young band emerges with a contemporary new sound. Produced by C.C. Adcock and Tarka Cordell, Bayou Ruler is vintage Gulf coast French Louisiana rock ‘n’ roll!



“One of the best Louisiana rock and roll records of the 90’s” –OffBeat Magazine

“A must take on any drive” -Gavin

“An important American album” -The Herald

“a Cajun-rock fusion more convincing than earlier efforts by Zachary Richard and Wayne Toups, for the two halves of the recipe are thoroughly blended and not just laid one on top of the other.” -Washington Post

“A testament to the genius of Riley and his band” -No Depression Magazine

“their take on rock is unpretentious and straightforward and they got their trad chops down first” -Chicago Reader

“although they rock like radio titans, Riley and his rowdy crew are unmistakably at home back in the Louisiana swamps” -Creative Loafing