Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys

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La Toussaint – 1995

Rounder Records

1. Je m’en fous pas mal
2. Tes parents veulent plus me voir
3. Katherine
4. J’ai reveille a ce matin
5. Deux valses a Wayne Perry
6. Ca tu dis ca tu fais sont pas pareils
7. La Toussaint
8. Between Eunice & Opelousas
9. La valse d’amitie
10. Bayou Schwarz
11. La danse de Mardi Gras
12. New Orleans Beat
13. Entre l’amour et l’avenir

Steve Riley – Cajun and triple row accordions, fiddle, acoustic guitar, snare drum & vocals
David Greely – fiddle and vocals
Peter Schwarz – bass guitar, acoustic bass, fiddle and vocals
Jimmy Domangeaux – electric and acoustic guitars
Kevin Dugas – drums
C.C. Adcock – guitar
Clifford Alexander – rubboard
C.J. Chenier – alto saxophone
Isaac Miller – pedal steel guitar
Kelli Roberts – triangle

Produced by Scott Billington


Over the past eight years, Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys have earned a reputation as the premier young band playing the traditional Cajun repertoire, bringing the old songs to enthusiastic audiences in dancehalls and on stages at home in Louisiana and around the world. With this album, the band has taken a step forward, writing and arranging original material and bringing in the new sounds of guitar leads, triple-row accordion, walking bass, and swinging fiddle — all in addition to it’s signature Cajun sound. Bandmembers Steve Riley, David Greely, Peter Schwarz, Kevin Dugas and new guitarist Jimmy Domangeaux are joined by guitarist C.C. Adcock, rubboard player Clifford Alexander, pedal steel guitarist Isaac Miller, triangle player Kelli Roberts and zydeco star C.J. Chenier (on alto saxophone!). The title of the album refers to la fete de Toussaint, the holiday celebrated by Cajun families to honor departed ancestors. So, take a journey with Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys, grab your dance partner, and drink an earful of South Louisiana: past, present and future.


“. . . a raging success that signals a new turn for one of Louisiana’s best dance bands.”
–Gambit Weekly, New Orleans, LA

“As Cajun and zydeco albums go, this is about as wide ranging as it gets. But it’s no surprise that such an accomplished collection should come from Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys, one of Cajun music’s best acts. Riley and his Playboys perform forward-looking, traditional-based originals as well choice versions of Cajun and zydeco classics . . . a great Cajun band. Riley, too, has become one of Cajun music’s warmest vocalists.”
-Fun Magazine, Baton Rouge, LA

“Now the leader of a quintet that marches across musical genres and Cajun styles with unusual savvy, gifted accordionist and vocalist Steve Riley has begun to cement his reputation as an innovator in traditional Cajun music. La Toussaint melds Cajun, zydeco and even swamp pop with waltzes from 1934 and originals steeped in tradition. The melodic dance band tugs at the very traditions it upholds . . . Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys are easily the fastest rising name in Cajun music.”
–Todd Mouton, Offbeat