Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys

SRMP 25th Anniversary!

This month marks 25 years that Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys have been together!  It’s been amazing on many levels & in many ways!  We can’t even begin to go into all of the stories, but we’re extremely proud of reaching this milestone!  Not too many bands last this long, but we were born into an amazing culture, have gotten to learn and play from our heros, and playing the music we know and love is as necessary to us as breathing. Perhaps that’s why we’re still together doing it!  It’s truly been a blessing in countless ways!

This group started in 1988 about 6 months after David Greely and I met at Savoy Music Center in Eunice, LA for the weekly Saturday jam there.  We started our 1st weekly gig at Mulates in Baton Rouge in January as the Mamou Playboys with Mike Dupuy on guitar and Mike “Chop” Chapman on drums.  Kevin Barzas, whose father and grandfather, Vorance and Maurice Barzas, were the original Mamou Playboys, soon joined on guitar.  This was the line-up for our first few years together and the core group on our first, self-titled cd, that officially put us on the map!  In the early 90’s, Kevin Dugas joined on drums and Peter Schwarz joined as our bass player and manager and put us on an even bigger map!

We’ve had the fortune of having the best of the best in Cajun music play in this band!  Jimmy Domengeaux (1954-1999), Roddie Romero, Kyle Hebert, Blaine Gaspard, and others who have played with us as fill-ins over the years!  Thanks to all of our musical brothers, all of the Playboy-alumi, and all of our friends and fans for a great 25 year run!  Many of you are still around and remain close friends and extended family!  We love and appreciate you all!

After 13 recordings and 4 Grammy nominations, the best is still yet to come!  We promise!  Now, get a t-shirt!